Boards & Commissions

Boards & Commissions

Community Involvement Opportunities

The City of Covina has established Boards and Commissions which consist of citizens who volunteer their time to shape the future of our community by serving in advisory capacities to the Covina City Council.

The City Clerk’s Office accepts applications for Boards and Commissions and presents them to the City Council for review and appointment.

The Boards and Commissions pages are currently being updated. Specific information, including descriptions of the scope of each advisory body, duties involved, and requirements for members, is contained in Resolution CC 19-27, attached below.

To apply, please complete the application and return it to the City Clerk’s Office.

Please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (626) 384-5430 or [email protected].

Youth Accountability Board Home

The Youth Accountability Board consists of up to ten members who must be dedicated to enriching the community through intervention in the behavior and activities of first-time juvenile offenders who have committed a minor offense. Residency in Covina is not required; residence or workplace in Covina and graduation from the Covina Police Department Citizens’ Academy are highly desirable. Board members are subject to a thorough background investigation and must sign a confidentiality notice about all juvenile matters heard by the Board.

This Board meets as needed during evening hours and is overseen by the Police Department.

Members Term Expiration
Kay Manning 6/30/2022
Henry Medina 6/30/2022
Roxanne Medina 6/30/2022
Nick Lopez 6/30/2022
Saul Martinez 6/30/2022
David Hector Montes 6/30/2022
Kathy Guarderas 6/30/2024
Peter Arredondo 6/30/2024
Andrea Naccache 6/30/2024
Diana Mullins 6/30/2024

Finance Advisory Commission

The Finance Advisory Commission consists of up to ten members. Membership is open to local business people, property owners, and the City Treasurer. The Commission advises the City Council on finance-related policies and issues and reviews, evaluates, and monitors the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) programs.

The Commission meets on the second Wednesday of January, March, May, July, September, November, and other months as needed in the Council Chamber Conference Room at 125 E. College Street, Covina, at 6:00 p.m.

MembersTerm Expiration
Andrew McIntyre6/30/2022
Kay Manning6/30/2022
Tom Melendrez6/30/2022
Geoff Cobbett6/30/2024
Claudia Casasola6/30/2024
Richard Jett6/30/2024
Lynda Noriega6/30/2024
Salvador Flores-Chatfield6/30/2024
Janet Salmon6/30/2022
Kevin Stapleton6/30/2022


Planning Commission of the City of Covina

The Planning Commission is established by State Government Code 65100, and its organization is provided by Covina Municipal Code Section 2.28.010 and is composed of five members. Each member shall be a resident of the City.

Duties include, but are not limited to, the conduct of hearings relating to variances, conditional-use permits, zoning regulations, the review of the General Plan, the conduct of studies, and other duties as required or authorized.

MembersTerm Expiration
Rosie Richardson6/30/2024
Dan McMeekin6/30/2022
John Connors6/30/2022
Bryan Rodriguez6/30/2024
Susan Zermeno6/30/2024
When and where are Planning Commission Meetings held?

Planning Commission meetings occur on the Second and Fourth Tuesday of every month. Meeting Agendas are posted on the City website calendar and the public display board on the south entrance of City Hall on College Street the Thursday before the scheduled meeting date. The meetings occur in the Council Chambers of City Hall located on the north side entrance and are accessible through the courtyard. the Meetings begin promptly at 7 PM.

How can I participate or view it?

Participation can be in person or via zoom. For interested persons only wishing to view online, you may click the “live video in progress” banner on the video page at the time of the regular meeting. The planning commission meetings are open to the public and can be accessed through the courtyard on the city hall’s north side. Residents wishing to submit comments may submit one of our yellow speaking cards available at the chamber entrance and present it to city staff. Zoom participants may also speak during the public comments periods, and instructions are located on the agenda for each meeting. For those wishing to submit comments before a meeting is held, you may do so by submitting an email to [email protected], dropping off your comments at our service counter, or by writing your comments in a letter directed to:

ATTN: Planning Division
City of Covina
125 E College Street
Covina, CA 91723

Can a Planning Commission Meeting be Canceled?

A Planning Commission meeting may be canceled if no items or announcements exist. A “notice of cancelation” will be posted on the city website calendar, on the council chamber entrance, and our public display board by the Thursday before the scheduled Planning Commission regular meeting date.

Can I be added to a notification list?

Yes.  If you would like to be added to receive notification emails for upcoming Planning Commission meetings, you may submit a request to [email protected]. In your request, please specify whether you would like only specific agenda item notifications or if you would like to be notified of all agendas. Notifications are sent the Thursday before the scheduled planning commission meeting.

Click Here to access the video recordings for the Planning Commission and City Council Meetings.

Click here to see the Planning Commission Event Calendar, which includes Agendas, Agenda Packets, and Minutes.

You can also contact the City Clerk’s office for Public Records Requests.

Parks and Recreation Commission

The Parks and Recreation Commission consists of five members. Members shall be residents of the City. The Commission is advisory to the City Council regarding parks, open spaces, playgrounds, entertainment, and other cultural and recreational activities.

This Commission meets the fourth Wednesday of January, March, May, July, September, and November at the Parks & Recreation Department Office, 1250 N. Hollenbeck Avenue, Covina, at 6:30 p.m.

MembersTerm Expiration
Rosie Richardson6/30/2022
Beverly Williams6/30/2024
Robert Moreno6/30/2022
Denaee Amaya6/30/2024
Cicero Salmon6/30/2022

Traffic and Parking Advisory Commission

The Traffic and Parking Advisory Commission consists of five members. Membership is open to residents in the City of Covina and business owners within the boundaries of Vehicle Parking District No. 1. The Commission is advisory to the City Council concerning policies affecting the City’s transportation and parking systems.

This Commission meets second Tuesdays in the Council Chamber, 125 E. College Street, Covina, at 8:00 a.m.

MembersTerm Expiration
Kay Manning6/30/2022
Thomas Melendrez6/30/2022
Jeanette Flores6/30/2024
Nick Lopez6/30/2024
Jeff Johnson6/30/2022

In conformance with California State Assembly Bill AB1484, Successor Agencies must submit an updated Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS) to the State Department of Finance after receiving approval from their Oversight Board for their review and approval.  The ROPS sets forth the enforceable obligations of the Agency.


Patricia Cortez
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Mayor Pro Tem

Walter Allen, III
To contact Mayor Pro Tem Walter Allen III please email
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John King
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Victor Linares
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Hector Delgado
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