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Human Resources


The Human Resources Department provides the following services:

  • Personnel administration
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Employee-employer relations
  • Classification and salary plan
  • Maintenance of personnel records
  • Employee benefits administration
  • Employee Development
  • Workers Compensation
  • Public Liability
  • General Insurance

Annual Officials, Officers, and Employees Compensation

Starting Jan. 1, local public agencies are required to post information on the annual compensation of their elected officials, officers and employees. Under existing law, cities and special districts are required to file an annual report with the State Controller’s Office identifying the annual compensation of their officers and employees. AB 2040 extends the law so that public agencies are required to also post the same information on their own websites. This information is now available and can be accessed by clicking on the PDF or the following link:

Human Resources and Risk Manager, Suzanne Stone

Job Openings

Job Descriptions

Memoranda Of Understanding

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) is a document outlining the agreement between two parties (i.e.: the City and labor groups). This agreement is a legal document which outlines the responsibilities and requirements for both parties.

The MOU’s and other labor agreements or contracts are listed below. Please click on the link to view each one.

Supporting Documents

Risk Management

The Risk Management Division serves to protect the personnel and physical assets of the City from injury and loss. Risk Management manages the City’s insurance and loss control programs, including worker’s compensation, property insurance general/auto liability, long term disability and unemployment insurance. This is an internal insurance program providing oversight of claims administration, procurement of required insurance coverage and the development, coordination and implementation of safety and loss-prevention programs.

How to file a claim for injury, damages or loss:

  1. Begin by filling out a claim form. Claim forms can be picked up at the City Clerk and Human Resources Offices or can be obtained by downloading the document below.
  2. Please fill out the form completely and return the form to the City Clerk’s Office, located at City Hall, 125 East College Street, Covina, CA 91723.
  3. Please be sure to attach any estimates, receipts or bills to your claim form.
  4. The City Clerk will give the form to the Risk Manger who will then contact you to discuss any details of your claim.

City Of Covina ADA Policy

This Grievance Procedure is established to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (“ADA”). It may be used by anyone who wishes to file a complaint alleging discrimination on the basis of disability in the provision of services, activities, programs, or benefits by the City of Covina. The City of Covina’s Employee Handbook addresses employment-related complaints of disability discrimination.

The complaint should be in writing and contain information about the alleged discrimination such as name, address, phone number of complainant and location, date, and description of the problem. Alternative means of filing complaints, such as personal interviews or a tape recording of the complaint, will be made available for persons with disabilities upon request.

The complaint should be submitted by the grievant and/or his/her designee as soon as possible but no later than 60 calendar days after the alleged violation to:

Suzanne Stone, Human Resources Manager
125 East College Street
Covina, CA 91723-2199

Click the line below for the City of Covina ADA Policy and Grievance Form.

Salary & Benefits

Salary & Benefits of Elected Officials and Department Director

Salary and benefit packages of Covina’s elected officials and top municipal managers have always been a matter of public record. In light of the controversy surrounding salaries paid in the City of Bell, however, a full listing of compensation for Covina’s officials and top managers is now also available below.


Annual Base Salary

Other Compensation

Mayor & City Council


Retirement benefit contributions range from 7.5% – 8% of annual salary.  Reference “Benefit Rules for City Council Members July 1, 2021”.

City Clerk


No health, dental, or vision benefits.  Retirement contribution of 3.75%.  

City Treasurer


No health, dental, or vision benefits.  Retirement contribution of 3.75%. 

City Manager


Benefits consistent with Executives.  Monthly Auto Allowance.

Salary Schedules

The listing below provides the current salary schedules approved by the Covina City Council for the various bargaining units, as well as the unaffiliated employee groups.



How do I apply for a job with the City of Covina?

A: Applications are only accepted electronically.  You may submit an application online through NeoGov, or by clicking on the “Apply” link in each current job posting on the Job Openings webpage. 

When can I submit an application for employment? 

A: When an open and available positions is posted.  To apply for a current job opening visit: 

How long is the recruitment process?

A: Recruitments are generally 6 to 8 weeks long, but vary depending on the needs and schedule of the hiring department.  Recruitments for sworn and civilian police take longer due to the extensive testing and background investigation processes. 

What happens after I submit my application?

A: You will receive a confirmation email from the Human Resources Department to acknowledge receipt. If there is a closing date, applications are screened for the best qualified after the date has passed. Applications received for Job Openings that are “Open Until Filled,” or “Continuous” are reviewed periodically and depending on the response. 

Applicants who are selected to interview or participate in an examination, are typically notified within 2 weeks of the closing date. 

Can the same application be used to apply for more than one position?

A: No. You must submit a separate and complete application for each position you are interested in, but your profile will be saved in your NeoGov account to make it easier to apply.

Can I submit a resume in place of an application?

A: No, a complete application is required for each position you wish to apply. You may attach a resume to your application.

What if the position I want is not open?

A:  Visit the following site:  

  • Click the link for the Class Specification for the position you are interested in, 
  • Click “Subscribe” and fill out the Job Interest Card. 
    • For the next 12 months, you will be notified when any position for City of Covina that matches your selected job classification becomes available. 
    • We’ll also send you a reminder email in 11 months to give you an opportunity at that time to extend your notifications for another year.
How does the recruitment process work?

A: When a job opening occurs, the Human Resources Department conducts the recruitment process to develop an eligibility list.  The process may consist of one or more of the following:  

  • Application Review
  • Written Exam
  • Performance Exam (E.g. Typing test)
  • Panel Interview
  • Department-level Interview 
  • Physical Exam and Drug Screening
  • Background Check
  • DMV Record

Your submitted application materials are reviewed to determine if you meet the qualifications and special requirements as stated on the job announcement.  Only those candidates who appear best qualified, based on the review of all submitted applications, resumes and supplemental materials, will be invited to any combination of written, performance or oral assessments to further evaluate their job-related experience, knowledge, skills and abilities.  

You should be sure to review and update your application in its entirety and include all applicable information and experience which may apply to the job (i.e., volunteer experience, licenses, certifications, professional affiliations, classes you have taken, training you have received and any other special qualifications).  Failure to include all requested information or submitting incomplete applications could result in you not being invited to participate in the next step of the selection process.

What is an Eligibility List?

A: An Eligibility List is the list that is established after a recruitment has been conducted and all examinations and panel interviews have been completed.  The list contains, in rank order, those applicants who successfully completed the examination/panel interview process.  The hiring department contacts eligible candidates for selection interviews and determines which candidate would be the best fit for the available position.  Candidates who are not interviewed will remain on the eligibility list, which expires twelve (12) months from the date that the list is established; however, Human Resources reserves the right to extend the life of an eligibility list or abolish the list early, per the provisions listed in the City’s Personnel Rules.

When will my references be contacted?

A: Once you and the hiring department have established mutual interest, your references will be contacted. This will occur prior to a conditional offer of employment is presented. 

What if I am selected for the position?

A: You will receive a conditional offer of employment.  You will receive a final offer of employment once you have successfully completed the pre-employment process, including:   medical exam, including drug/alcohol screen), background check, and/or psychological exam, if any. 

What if I need an accommodation? 

A: The City does not discriminate on the basis of disability in its hiring or employment practices and complies with all regulations promulgated by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission under Title I of the ADA.  Anyone who requires an auxiliary aid or service for effective communication, or a modification of policies or procedures to participate in a recruitment process should contact the Human Resources Department in advance, and no later than 48 hours before the scheduled interview or exam.

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